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ylikonstaapeli - 2 weeks ago


Vacks - 2 weeks ago

Miss you bro, may we send you one last heart in your chat, in the form of this joint effort for an emote dedicated to you. Much love, Byron <3

Hockeygnome - 2 weeks ago

For Reckful <3

Ali - 2 weeks ago

dude come on

Andri - 2 weeks ago


Ballistic_Ball - 2 weeks ago

Reckful was one of those few people I had immense respect for. One of those people I don't know if I will ever forget. Ever since I've tried so hard to have a positive impact on the world. Reckful may you rest in peace <3

jordan - 2 weeks ago

we love you byron, you're here with us no matter what

obtoe_ - 2 weeks ago


Roboefish - 2 weeks ago

love this guy

Alex Waugh - 2 weeks ago

please <3

NAR - 2 weeks ago


Rxstislvv - 2 weeks ago

He rly deserves it... he was one of biggest streamers and had the most impact on my life from all those ppl on this platform. Long Live Dadful

12orchid - 2 weeks ago

<3 we miss u byron

Antdav33 - 2 weeks ago

It's gotta happen, he was so revolutionary on twitch it'd be a crime to not have it.

Garrison - 2 weeks ago


alvulturus - 2 weeks ago

i miss you reckful :) <3

prommieftw - 2 weeks ago


Kevin - 2 weeks ago

Reckful meant and means a lot to Twitch, would be fitting. <3

FrostyZF - 2 weeks ago


Metle - 2 weeks ago


Haze__Ventura - 2 weeks ago

love you reck and you rly deserve it

Turbo - 2 weeks ago

Love you Byron, Rest in Peace <3

Nezpah - 2 weeks ago

One of the few people who could feel like a close friend even if you'd never actually met them. Love and miss you jose

goronado - 2 weeks ago


Jimmy - 2 weeks ago

I miss u

Jeff Bezos - 2 weeks ago

Please add reckH to Twitch

SureShoy - 2 weeks ago


Felipe Mendes - 2 weeks ago

he deserves <3

vicastillo - 2 weeks ago

please make this happen!!!! i would love this. R.I.P Byron we will never forget about you

zyzanx - 2 weeks ago

do it

bSnacc - 2 weeks ago

Love you Byron, thank you for everything you have done! You will be missed!

Satokarin - 2 weeks ago


valerivy - 2 weeks ago

love you reckful stay safe wherever you are

Matzerium - 2 weeks ago

We love you, Byron!

melogrunty - 2 weeks ago

This would be cool

Tommy Hazelzet - 2 weeks ago

Reckful was one of the greatest streamers, and one of the pioneers of streaming. He made it what it is today and changed the lives of so many. This is the least Twtich or the twitch community could do to commemorate Byron. I hope everybody thinks of him.

TheDrPepper_ - 2 weeks ago

please let this happen. <3 Miss you Byron

Polish pleb - 2 weeks ago

Indirectly he did a lot for other twitch streamers and the twitch itself (donations), some people don't even know about it. A great person who was always real with his audience. Totally deserves to have it added. reckH

Po - 2 weeks ago


Chris Sermulis - 2 weeks ago

Yes. This dude changed the platform as we know. And is a bleak reminder that we are all shattered mirrors on the inside. Rip Byron, you will be missed brother. May we meet again.

Evelbean - 2 weeks ago

Reckful is a legend and deserves this

Owen Gil - 2 weeks ago

he deserves this

Nicholas Adranly - 2 weeks ago

He is a legend, pioneered Paypal donations and reading them on stream which made streaming even a viable way of income for top streamers at the time. The man deserves a global emote

Damon Basile - 2 weeks ago


Fulgar - 2 weeks ago


koerv - 2 weeks ago

Rest easy Legend<3

blade&soul - 2 weeks ago

please make it happen,

Pontus - 2 weeks ago


Floris - 2 weeks ago

Miss you Byron <3

Ashton Rutkowski - 2 weeks ago

make this happen please

Raghtar - 2 weeks ago

Pioneer and one of the biggest streamers in Twitch's history. Why shouldn't he have a global emote? reckH!

Shimizu - 2 weeks ago


Mikhail - 2 weeks ago

it's obvious

Wekaz - 2 weeks ago


Sam - 2 weeks ago

Miss you, thank you

Defecta - 3 weeks ago

No brainer. Make it happen.

domobun - 3 weeks ago


Dr4g0n0m - 3 weeks ago

Yes plz!

toby - 3 weeks ago

i love byron RIP

Zoe - 3 weeks ago


rage_on_twitch - 3 weeks ago


Albert Zheng - 3 weeks ago

I loved him then and I love him now. This would make my year.

Devon - 3 weeks ago

Loved Reckful.

Surgone - 3 weeks ago

He helped me through tough times and made my days go by so much better. Please Twitch for our community....please

Ethan - 3 weeks ago


Hardstylla - 3 weeks ago

lets go

twotokez - 3 weeks ago

you got too he was a pioneer know the right thing will be done

John - 3 weeks ago

This should be the minimum for this man.

Tobias K├╝ffner - 3 weeks ago

He deserves it

shokroot - 3 weeks ago


Francisco - 3 weeks ago

Reckful was a huge creator and person for me

Jack - 3 weeks ago


Justin Shea - 3 weeks ago


Revelataen - 3 weeks ago

Let's do this!

herospuddz - 3 weeks ago


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