Byron Daniel "Reckful" Bernstein

May 8, 1989 - July 2, 2020

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"What do you do when a champion falls, you fucking pick up the sword and fight"
Dr. Alok Kanojia, 2020

Let's pick up the sword and fight for our champion

Rest In Peace
Byron Daniel "Reckful" Bernstein

OneLoveRacer - 1 day ago

You really inspired me to keep my head up when things were looking pretty down for me. Your spirit carries on in the rest of us.

emilio - 1 day ago

im here again after a few months. it still hurts knowing youre not here anymore. i miss your streams and your laughter and all your great thoughts and ideas... i hope you're happy and at peace now wherever you may be. i love you. and to anyone reading this, please take care

Will - 2 days ago

It’s been a little while, starting a masters course, I miss ya

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Danteye - 2 days ago

miss you man

eli - 5 days ago

Its been a while. I still miss you. I hope you're at peace. Love you. <3

Dylan - 6 days ago

I love you Byron. You'll forever be loved

grus0mhet - 6 days ago

I'm a lurking pleb. Today, I went to your chat to watch your VODs after a while. Everyone still misses you. I wish you would have realised how many people you left behind. You've always been loved and you still are, it's too so sad the illness took you away. I wish all the best for your family and friends. Rest well <3

Joseph - 6 days ago


Michal - 6 days ago

You were a big part of my life, I miss you man

KRexo - 1 week ago

I still miss you everyday Byron. Its really hard to watch the reruns sometimes even though its been over two months now. I dont think Ill ever forget about you. Rest in peace <3

vinaj - 1 week ago

i love you buddy, hope you're having fun up there. thanks for all the laughs and fun times over the years. i'm where i'm at now strangly because of your guidance and out of the box way of thinkin. byron bernstein zihronha livrha.

Ryan - 1 week ago

Still miss you the same as I did the day we found out. I wish you knew how much people would miss you.

Richard - 1 week ago

I never watched your streams, nothing personal i just used twitch to watch pro players play but when the news you died hit, i started watching your old stuff... man i cried so many times, i had to force myself not to watch more of your videos. REST IN PEACE BYRON

Smapo - 1 week ago

Miss you buddy <3 Watched on and off for years, and just started watching again. Sad to see you go. Rest In Peace Byron, you will be missed.

Farhood - 1 week ago

miss you

averyackz - 1 week ago

2 and a half months, today has been hard. I just keep thinking back to you for some reason. 16th september 2020 11:58am

isaacE - 1 week ago

today i remembered you, thanks for everything <3

Mat - 1 week ago

Still missing you Byron, not a day goes by that i don't think about you and how much of an impact you had on my life from the laughs and tears you'll never know how much you inspired and impacted others. Thank you for your short time with us and I'll miss you always. <3

Jake - 2 weeks ago

I haven't been able to watch any of the reruns that have been playing on your channel since this all happened. It hurts to watch and know you won't be going live again. You were such a great person. Thank you for being you. And thank you for the great impact you've had on my life. I hope you're finally at peace. <3

João - 2 weeks ago

I still miss you so much, I vividly remember rushing home from school to watch you, I could watch your streams from start to finish without alt tabbing once. It still doesn't feel real, probably because I've never actually met you, love you man, rest easy.

Lavun - 2 weeks ago

I miss you.

Steve - 2 weeks ago

You inspired me to try to de-stigmatize mental health issues by openly talking about your own. While I was in a bad headspace you were brave enough to share your feelings in front of thousands. As men we have to challenge what we've been taught and learn to talk about our emotions.

Stephen - Sharky - 2 weeks ago

Byron was the best man, I know that this is a late message and directly, he has never talked to me, apart from when I asked a question in chat and he answered. Byron cared for everyone, even me, a nobody. Love you Bryon. Rest In Peace Byron Daniel "Reckful" Bernstein

Perry - 2 weeks ago

Byron was the fucking best.

John - 2 weeks ago

Hey Byron, i don't even met you once but i felt that you left a hole in my heart, you were my favorite streamer, and i loved you so fucking much. See you in another life. <3

Morgan - 2 weeks ago

R.I.P the realest person to ever relate to.

Maks - 3 weeks ago

See you my good friend. Miss you dearly.

David - 3 weeks ago

He helped me through rough times. Thank you so much and rest in peace.

Hypermist - 3 weeks ago


Ssone - Kyle - 3 weeks ago

I'll never forget you.

James - 3 weeks ago

I miss you. I wish you could've found peace while you were still here with us, but I'm happy you're not hurting anymore. See you someday, Reckful.

P - 3 weeks ago

Two months have past but I'm still miss you so bad Byron. Hope you doing well up there.

Alsolsprit - 3 weeks ago

See you in another life Byron, wish you were still here.

Dimitri - 3 weeks ago

Byron gave me strength when I needed it the most. He saved my life. He will never be forgotten. Sept 2020

Sawyer - 3 weeks ago

You taught me so much as a kid in middle school who was alone looking for someone to be his friend. I never met you, and you never knew about me, but I will always have a spot carved into my heart for you Byron. Godspeed.

Matt - 4 weeks ago

Thanks for everything Byron. The smartest people seem to always get trapped by their own mind. Sorry you couldn't find your happiness. I'll never forget you and always miss you and hope you are looking down on all of us with your brother. Thank you again for everything you did for us, there hasn't been a day i don't miss you. I'll miss your laugh, you're smile, your stories. You made us laugh you made us cry, you let us be apart of you for so long. Until we meet again my friend, I'll miss you forever. -Matt 8/30/2020

Francisco F - 1 month ago

I miss you so much, i wish u never left us. I never met you, but you helped mu through dark times. Hope everythings good wherever u are. Love u. From Argentina

Juka - 1 month ago

Still thinking about you, Byron. I hope you're happy wherever you are. Stay safe. Miss you man.

Brandon - 1 month ago


Gökberk Tezer - 1 month ago

I remembered him suddenly tonight. It hurts we will not be watching him streaming again. Thank you for all the joy Reckful. Rest in peace

Casper Johannson - 1 month ago

Rest In peace byron i love you thank u for everything<3

ZippoKs - 1 month ago

08/26/2020 Still haven't forgotten about you Sadge

Aleks - 1 month ago

I can’t let go of him man but he still makes me so happy

Saycu - 1 month ago

empece a seguirte tarde cuando me entere que ya te habias ido, pero aun asi te recordare para pelear incluso en los momentos mas dificiles, los malos momentos son temporales, jamas son eternos, Que Descances en paz Byron Alias Reckful

Daisy - 1 month ago

A few years back I was struggling with life, I felt sad and bad all the time. In that time I had very little going for me, and tried to kill myself a few times but I never could. One day I caught a clip of your trip for japan and got hooked on your streams. Those streams helped me escape of my problems, i would wake up every morning excited just to watch you go around Tokyo. Your streams saved my life, I'll be forever in deb with you for it, and I will always regret to not have let you know, while you were among us. You were the change that made me stay alive. Thank you, Byron.

Yacin - 1 month ago

see you in another life brother

ChaosRain - 1 month ago

Thank you for being such a big inspiration to me. I heard about your struggles, the way you fought them and the way you coped with them. I was able to see a more hopeful perspective of my situation and because of that I am still trying. You are a great person and someone I wish to become. I hope to be able to inspire people how you inspired me. Rest In Peace.

Kevin - 1 month ago

i miss u man, come back

Poked - 1 month ago

Byron was such an intelligent and loving soul, he was always so happy when with his friends. He could laugh, cry and feel so deeply for even a total stranger that he never met before. His ability to put himself into the experiences of others and feel for them and be truly invested in a conversation is something I strive to be more like. You are my idol, my hero, because of you we discovered Dr. K. You saved thousands of lives! Yet when you were alone, left in your mind, you felt this immense sorrow. I wish it didn't have to be this way. When I die I will rush straight to the line of people waiting to talk to you, even if its just for a few minutes. I wish that all his family, and friends recover from this, and that in the end it's gonna only further strenghten the bonds between some of you. We miss you! - Poked

Sam Corrion - 1 month ago

Miss you a lot, pal. Wish you could be there for us as always

Jason - 1 month ago

Love you Byron. Got me through some rough days. Much love to your family. Miss you every day.

Yotam - 1 month ago

I mourn him a lot

Ollie - 1 month ago

Always loved the streams. Hope you are in a better place. Miss you brother.

Sebastian - 1 month ago

Almost two months and I still miss you everyday. I hope you come back to us one day and you're happy. I love you

Aaron Douglas Theodore Galliah-Pollard - 1 month ago

<3 much love, I truly hope we get to see him again in the next life, I always wanted to meet someone like him

Carter - 1 month ago

We all love you Byron. Miss you man. I hope you're in a better place, I hope to see you soon <3.

Yo Rogue - 1 month ago

R.I.P I miss you

Jack - 1 month ago

It's not getting any easier dude, I keep watching your old videos, I keep watching Reckful 3. I can't get through any of them without breaking down. I miss you.

i love ya - 1 month ago

bye dad

21mtd - 1 month ago

Byron, you were an angel sent to Earth by God then he took you back to heaven. Rest in peace Byron we love you

someone - 1 month ago

i love you byron, missing you every day. Thanks for being in our lives

TheWirelessGod - 1 month ago

Stream follower since 2013. Always admired his brilliance and intellect, and always caught his stream when I could. He will be dearly missed, and the memories he left will be cherished forever.

Void - 1 month ago


karl - 1 month ago

miss you byron

21 august 2020 - 1 month ago

it has been over a month now and i still fucking cry for you dude. i miss you. sorry for not doing more

Wrav - 1 month ago

Rewatching Japan streams with bittersweet thoughts. Thanks for everything, Byron

hevo - 1 month ago

i will always miss you byron. i hope you are in a better place <3

Jesse Staley - 1 month ago

We must Continue Everland. not just for the fans, but for him...

Toddolas - 1 month ago

I miss you so much. Just another message and another day I'm thinking about you man.

anon - 1 month ago

your lemonade stand with reynad was one of my favorite streams of all time. Also loved the summer of irl streams with greek and andy in greece and the spain forsen streams <3

David - 1 month ago


k - 1 month ago

miss you dad

Matt - 1 month ago

Been thinking a lot about you today. Miss you greatly. Much love to your family and friends.

ethansonic12 - 1 month ago


colin - 1 month ago

You will never be forgotten.

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